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“What is a virtual tour?”

A Virtual Tour provides an immersive viewing experience whereby the viewer is able to virtually “walk through” a 3 dimensional space whilst looking at the flat screen of a laptop or smartphone.


“So It’s like  watching a video?”

“No – unlike video, with a virtual tour YOU have control over the viewpoint. You can look in all directions – including completely up or down! You can also navigate from one room to the next via special interactive “hotspots.”  Additionally, it’s possible to embed additional info panels which then display extra details about specific items of interest.


“do I need special software to view the tour?”

Virtually Sold Photography’s tours are provided in two completely self contained packages which run on any computer, tablet or smartphone without any need for addtional software or apps. The “desktop” version is provided as a file folder containing everything necessary to view the tour. The “web” version is hosted remotely on my server and may be viewed in any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc) by clicking a link which I will provide.


“OK, so how do i purchase a virtual tour?”

First off will be a free consultation whereby all the many tour options and possibilities will be outlined in more detail. Following this a detailed project brief based on tour content and design will be presented – along with a provisional quotation based on that brief.  Upon agreeing the final  project brief the tour will be produced and subsequently presented in draft form. Once you are happy that the brief has been fully met (and any last minute minor changes made) upon receipt of payment the tour files and URL will be provided – and the tour will be yours forever!


“But aren’t there expensive monthly subscriptions for a virtual tour”

This certainly can be the case with many other Virtual tour providers – but not with VIRTUALLY SOLD PHOTOGRAPHY.  With us there is a single one time payment and the tour is yours forever! * 


Note: *The price includes free hosting of the web version for 1 yr.  After this period you may either pay a small fee for an extended hosting period – or I can provide the web upload files such that you may host the tour yourself elsewhere (without additional cost from us). Remember – this only applies to the “Web” version – the “Desktop” version is yours forever for the initial price paid.

Example  Tour

“Casa de luz danzante”

Marketing facts

Research shows

In a recent survey 2 out of 3 respondents expressed a desire for more virtual tours.

Those looking at listings with virtual tours were over twice as likely to make a booking.

  • Get more quality enquiries
  • Show viewings 24/7
  • Improve your brand image
  • Provide additional info within the tour
  • Enable remote viewings to distant clients
  • Cut down on physical tours 


Not just for real estate

Other uses for  virtual tours

Virtual tours are gaining popularity in many other businesses. 

Here are a few typical examples

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Wedding Venues
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Retail Stores
  • Vehicle Rental Outlets
  • Hair and Beauty Salons
  • Tour and Activity Providers
  • Sports clubs