Capturing Magic Through The Lens

Don’t let your listings get lost in the crowd.

Real Estate photography requires specialist equipment and specialist techniques to present your listing in the most appealing way.

Don’t leave it to chance.  Reap the rewards from investing in professional photography services 

To view a full screen slideshow of my work,  please click on the link below

Virtually Sold Portfolio

aerial Photography

A whole different perspective

Aerial photos help to give listings a sense of place and scale and are the best way to promote the important elements of the listings location

Aerial work can include both stills photography and videography.



Other photography

In additional to real- estate photography I am also available for general photography services for many other project types.

I invite you to check my portfolio site via the link below

Other photography services


& Walk through tours

Walk-through tours and videos give the chance to really tell a story and help your clients gain an emotional attachment to the property



3 d virtual tours

Standard photo, aerial photography and videography may all be embedded within one of my 3d Virtual Tours

I’ve dedicated a whole page to explain and showcase in more detail the benefits of virtual tours